Should Brands Get Political?

Politics and branding

Checking out my Facebook news feed today, I had one friend complaining that he was going to cancel his NFL Sunday Ticket because some NFL players were protesting by kneeling or locking arms during the National Anthem. I had another friend ask for liberal contractor recommendations because she said she didn’t feel comfortable giving a large amount of work to a Trump supporter. It led me to the question:

Should brands get political?

It’s something we’ve even debated amongst ourselves here at Ether. Should we take off political comments from our social media sites? Should we just be innocuous and share pictures of our kids? What if speaking our minds hurts our business?

Ultimately, it’s a question of authenticity for me. I’m certain that I have clients who have different political views than I do. I don’t want to lose them as clients and I think that they’re wonderful people. But I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not, or cater to their beliefs just to keep their business. If they want to take their business elsewhere because we disagree, that’s their prerogative.

Brands have to decide for themselves how their values align with what’s happening in the world today and whether they’re comfortable losing clients or market share because of it.

There’s one thing I do know. You can’t be all things to all people, and your brand shouldn’t try to be either. Authenticity matters.

Politics and branding

So, should brands get political?

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