Why Do We Do Business?


Why do we get up every day and leave our families to work alongside others who are all aspiring to move things forward? Sure, we do it for a paycheck. But at some point most of us realize that our work extends far beyond what we’re paid for it. Our time is invaluable. No amount of money in the world can add one minute to our lives.

So why do we do it?


Because the people we work with have meaning in our lives. They become extended family. We attend births, graduations, weddings, and funerals of these people. We care about them. These relationships matter to us.

When we launched our company we did so in hopes of helping as many businesses prosper as possible. You know, as a way to keep mortgages paid and college loans covered. But what we’ve learned is that at the heart of our work is relationships with real people. We might work for a company, but we work with people at the company.

Sure, we do our jobs and hit our goals and everyone is happy, but to get to the point where we’re efficient with time requires building relationships that matter. The result of these relationships is invariably a sense of admiration. Because we’re people too, and we know what it means to go to work every day to move things forward. We understand that dedication to excellence.

We consider ourselves lucky to work with people we like, and to work for people we admire.

The relationships we build through our work make doing business worthwhile. 

Let’s work together in 2018
About the Author

Jim Mitchem

Jim has been in advertising and marketing for a long time. An award-winning copywriter in his early days, he now focuses on things that matter as a founding partner of Out of the Ether. Jim, a US Air Force Veteran and author, is married with two daughters, and somehow manages a pack of wild dogs.

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