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Our prospects are established companies that have old websites. It’s not hard to qualify them, as a trained eye can tell pretty quickly whether a website is SEO compliant. But reaching out to these companies is the trick. How do you politely and tactfully say, “You need a new website.” It’s not unlike seeing a print advertisement then approaching the company that ran the ad to say they can do better. Only, our justifications are more than, “Your creative is bad. Hire us.”

If you have a website that’s a few years old, the chances are that it’s not compliant to search engines. Which means organic traffic can suffer. In some scenarios, you could even be penalized in search for having a bad website. And by bad we mean non-responsive, non-mobile, bad. Terms that to a marketing manager of a small-to-mid-sized company might not mean anything.

Yeah, it’s tricky.

Then there’s the matter of cost. To some of these companies a website is a side-item to more important (traditional) marketing tools. Radio. TV. Billboards. Direct mail. These are priority. These are the places where the money goes. Websites are just websites. Besides, anyone with a computer can build one.

You wouldn’t be wrong. Except anyone with a computer building your website is like having your sister’s friend with Photoshop do your next print campaign.

We are professionals who know how to build brands in the digital space so that they’re equally compelling to search engine robots as they are to real people who buy your product or service. And we’re definitely going to cost more than just any guy with a computer. But our work gets results. Measurable results. Try doing that with print.

And we’re not nearly as expensive as a traditional ad agency. Our prices for branding and websites for small-to-mid sized companies start at around $25,000. And that includes full SEO compliance, a WordPress theme, branding, narration, and a lot more. Plus, our sites are built to last up to five years without it becoming redundant. And revisiting your brand and website every five years is a good practice anyway.

So if we reach out to you, it’s because you need us.

We’re not trying to sell you on the latest snake oil. We know what actually works today for businesses like yours. And in a world where everyone researches a company’s website before buying anything, having the kind of site that they can quickly find and that accurately reflects your brand’s promise of value when they arrive is more critical now than ever.

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Jim has been in advertising and marketing for a long time. An award-winning copywriter in his early days, he now focuses on things that matter as a founding partner of Out of the Ether. Jim, a US Air Force Veteran and author, is married with two daughters, and somehow manages a pack of wild dogs.

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