Boxman Studios

Challenge: Entrepreneur had an idea to turn shipping containers into mobile hospitality venues. It was a new product in a new sector. He had no budget for advertising, and only a small budget for branding and a simple 3-page website.

Solution: We created the brand identity from scratch including name, logo, tagline, color palette, type, and graphic standards. The iconic logo represented the idea of mobility, while alluding to the corrugated nature of containers. The mark effectively humanized the company’s (metal) medium, and the tagline brought it all together.

Remarkable. Using a blog to create content and tell the brand’s story, and social media to distribute content and connect with people, we grew the brand by over 3000% in just over three years, being named the fastest growing company in Charlotte, and #120 fastest growing company in America (in Inc. Magazine) during that time.

Note: From 2009-2015, Jim was the primary marketing director for the brand, responsible for content creation, curation, and distribution via digital media only. During his time with Boxman, amid tremendous growth, he spent no money on traditional advertising. While the website has evolved since Jim left Boxman, the essence of the brand is still strong. You can visit Boxman Studios here.