Challenge: In 2005, we were approached by convenience store giant Kangaroo to help develop a brand for their human resources department. Thanks to rising gasoline margins, and an aggressive growth strategy, the company was growing so fast that their human resources couldn’t keep up. We were brought in to create a unique brand for the company’s HR department, along with a highly functional, interactive, SEO compliant website with a compelling narrative that convinced people to consider opportunities with the company.

Solution: With the company’s existing brand as the foundation, we named the initiative (Kangaroo Careers), crafted a copyrightable tagline (Bound for Greatness), brought the company mascot into the digital age, and built a comprehensive website where the client could upload and change job openings across their system (13 states at the time), and where job seekers could submit resumes and online applications. We also created point-of-sale collateral and advertising, print advertising, online banner advertising, and more.

Result: Within 90 days of launching the website, the client was receiving more than 10,000 hits a day, and hundreds of applications and resumes submitted per week.

Note: In 2008, the US economy tanked and gas margins fell through the floor, thus ending the amazing growth of the company.