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A company is many things. For one thing, it’s where a group of people congregate and work together to make a product or service. For another thing, it’s a product or service that people buy, use, or consume. A brand identity is the thing that captures the company’s culture and product or service and distills it into a palatable nugget for a specific audience. Done well, it’s a nugget so tantalizing that the audience wants to know more.

A brand identity can be defined as a company name, logo, tagline, typography, and color palette. Of these elements, perhaps none is more important than the logo. The logo is the visual representation of the brand. The hood ornament of the company car.

Brand identity is our wheelhouse. We’ve been in branding and advertising a long time and have worked on hundreds of brand identity projects. We know how to capture the essence of a company. Here are a few of the logos we’ve created over the years.

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  • Boxman Studios
  • Wish I was here
  • Thinkgate
  • Mako
  • Sanders
  • Red Rover
  • The Porch
  • Back Nine Bar & Grill
  • MSP
  • Mint to be yours
  • Lost Hollow
  • Carmel
  • Avblend
  • Scriptorium
  • Dog and Pony
  • Lineberger
  • Pirates
  • Highlinesale
  • Limited Time on the Planet
  • LeighDeux
  • Stan Greenspon Center