Three Reasons Why You Need a Refreshed Website

1) change happens

Nothing stays static. Not people. Not companies. Not the internet. The brand narrative you used in 2013 was probably great back then, but today you’ve got to reinforce your promise of value. A refreshed website is the perfect opportunity to tighten your brand to better reflect where your company is today, as well as its outlook for the future.

2) SEO

You can actually be penalized for using SEO tactics from just a few years ago. Look, every company needs advertising. The best advertising is word-of-mouth. The second best is organic search (Google.) And the only way you get that is with a website that reinforces your brand’s promise of value in a way that complies with SEO best practices.

3) better experience

People visit websites expecting a good experience. They want a site that respects them as human beings and provides a solid narrative in a logical flow. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling sneakers or annuities, whether you’re e-commerce or B2B, all websites need to respect that a human being is on the other end.

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