Challenge: Small carpentry company named Woodworx asked us to help them develop a brand and website. They wanted a brand that stood out in a sea of plainness within their sector, and a site that told the brand’s story in a way that their audience would understand their value proposition clearly. They also needed for the website to appeal to search engines as a way to drive organic traffic.

Solution: With their name firmly in place, we focussed on the company’s core differentiators. Namely, that the two founders were nothing like other carpenters. They relied on innovation, experience, and a willingness to take on projects that other carpenters considered too risky. Oh, and they were always on time and on budget.

So how do you think about a brand like this? We thought about them as extreme. Like the X-games of carpenters. With an X prominent in their name, Extreme Carpentry felt like an accurate descriptor tagline. We married this line with a logo that had some teeth, and built their site around a rustic aesthetic that featured their work and told their story in a unique way.

Happy clients who fully embody their brand. You can visit Woodworx here (and we highly recommend their services.)

Sketch process: Our goal is to provide a comprehensive array of logo styles and options based on our initial brand and strategy audit.